With approximately 4.5 billion internet users, more people are flocking to websites than ever before. As websites continue to attract more traffic, there’s considerable money to be made online. That means a decent website can earn a significant income. But with so many types of sites, finding a platform that earns considerable income can make all the difference. To help you get started, here are ten profitable website ideas to help you earn extra income.

Create an online store

Nearly 65% of all internet users will make a purchase online within a calendar year, meaning the potential to earn considerable income starts with an eCommerce store. An online platform can help keep costs low while attracting an international audience. Website owners can develop their own products or services and ship them directly, or users can implement a dropshipping program, with products shipping directly from warehouses or manufacturing.

Start a Personal Blog

Dedicate your blog to virtually any niche, from parenting to your daily thoughts. The idea is to create readable, engaging, and exciting content that attracts people back to your platform. Monetizing your website can be done in many ways; sponsored content (where a brand will pay you to write about the product), affiliate marketing (where you link to an affiliated product), advertising, or AdSense are all options for personal blogs. The higher your website traffic, the more advertisers are willing to pay for placements on the blog. 

Build a Job Site

Nearly 170 million people are searching for work worldwide, making this website an easy income potential. Whether you’d like to post jobs to your platform (earning residual income every time someone visits the site) or you’d like to connect individuals to jobs as a recruiter, earning potential exists. Creating a membership site that allows profile creation can include resumes, job preferences, personal information, and more. As the website owner, creating a comprehensive email marketing campaign can be another money maker. To build website traffic, consider keeping profile registration free, along with a personalized platform for paying members. This content can include early access to job postings, salary insights, and ongoing career tips. 

Design Your Company Website

If you’ve decided to start a company or expand the reach of your business, a website is an easy income online. A well-designed website can help build your credibility and authority online. It helps increase your conversion rates, allowing a broader customer base. Your customers are also likely to perform a web search before visiting a shop in person. You’ll appear in front of local leads by creating a site, spiking online and in-person traffic.

Develop a Dating Site

Creating your own dating platform can be a profitable venture with more people trying to find love online than ever before. Start by determining whether you’d like a traditional dating platform or something a little more exotic like a sugar daddy website. Then establish how your website is going to earn income. Creating a monthly fee, tiered membership, or extra features are all ways to earn income through the website. 

Create a Recipe Website

Whether you’re an experienced chef or the worst cook in North America, a recipe website can earn additional income. Thousands of people search for recipes, meal inspirations, or disastrous fails online every single day. If you’ve come up with a few unique recipes, capitalize on your efforts by sharing the recipes online. You’ll be able to sell online cooking courses, advertising, or even affiliate marketing to your viewers.

Start an Affiliate Blog Website

While this website is considered differently from a traditional blog, it’s the same idea. Simply create targeted content that will drive your audience to make purchases through your targeted links. For example, writing a post on ‘Top 5 Kitchen Appliances’ will link to five different products attached to your affiliate account. When your reader clicks the link and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a percentage.

Establish a Travel Website

For the frequent traveler, it simply makes sense to capitalize on something you love doing. This earning capacity is especially true when you have an eye for photography and enjoy storytelling the trials and tribulations of your excursions. As you build a following, you’ll be able to collaborate with different travel products for sponsored content; sell your photos online as prints, contact various destinations or hotels for discounted or free reservations, and more.

Develop a Review Platform

Everyone loves sharing personal experiences with restaurants, businesses, and local destinations. For the invested individual, a review website can help connect local establishments with considerable website traffic. To earn an income on the platform, offer highlighted locations, top search placement, and preferred business packages. As memberships continue to build, so too will your bankroll.

Build a Humor Website

There’s nothing better after a stressful day than mindless scrolling and laughing until your stomach hurts. When starting your own humor-based content, consider looking online for various types of humor and determine which niche you’d like to cover. Make sure that the content posted isn’t protected by copyright. Your website can be barred from search engine results. To monetize the website, consider approaching companies for advertisement or using an automated advertising campaign (Google Adsense is one example).

While these aren’t the only websites you can establish to earn an income in 2021, they all have great earning potential long-term. You’ll want to ensure content is shared regularly, especially when you’re first starting out. A visitor isn’t going to return if there’s nothing to read or view frequently. A website takes time to establish authority and recurring traffic, mainly when you’re competing in a high-demand industry.