Navajo Council Delegate Reflects on JFK

By Council Delegate Dwight Witherspoon, Navajo Nation Council

35jk_headerToday, November 22, 2013 the World has remembered and recognized the fifty years since the loss of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

As I flew from Albuquerque to Houston to Washington, D.C., the heavens also remembered and recognized such as well (for I gazed upon Mother Nature’s Beauty from above). I beheld a constant sea of endless clouds across this country as it offered nature’s tears of rain to commemorate this day of loss fifty years later.

The words of President Kennedy inspired many, challenged all, and spoke to standards of truth regarding human rights for all and peace on earth. The Dine’s (the people) strength is not in just our kinship, but in our spirituality! Our spiritual connection to all life!! Kinship is not only to clan relatives, but to all: five fingers beings; our winged brothers in the sky; our four legged brothers; our connection and dependency for life from vegetation for nutrients; oxygen from trees to sustain life; the seas and life sustaining element of water; the minerals of life from earth from which human kind, animal kind and plant kind came from and will return to in a cycle of life. We are dependent upon each other in this universe with sunlight from father sky and the elements of life from Mother Earth.

Today, Heavenly Beings (male & female) spoke through the elements of nature today! The beautiful white clouds were arrayed to commemorate this day the tears of rain across America as a universal truth that we are all connected spiritually!


Editor’s Note: This statement was sent to the Native News Online on Sunday, November 24, 2013. Mr. Whiterspoon represents the Hard Rock Chapter on the Navajo Nation Council.

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