Some $58 Million Available to Support Native Employment & Training Programs

US Dept of Labor Supports Indian and Native Employment & Training Programs

US Dept of Labor Supports Indian and Native Employment & Training Programs

Grant applications accepted until April 23

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor today announced the availability of approximately $58 million in grant funding through the Workforce Investment Act Section 166 Indian and Native American Program. The purpose of the grants is to improve the academic, occupational and literacy skills of Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian adults and youth, making them more competitive in the workforce.

“Increasing access to job-driven education and training opportunities will help more Indians and Native Americans find their path to the middle class,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez.

Approximately 170 grants will be awarded, with approximately $46 million designated for assistance to unemployed and low-income Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian adults, and $12 million designated for Native American youth living on or near Indian reservations. Grantees will provide participants with work experience, summer jobs and support services to help individuals gain the skill sets required for jobs in their community.

The types of entities that are potentially eligible to apply for WIA Section 166 funds under this solicitation are:

Congress has directed that the Indian and Native American Program be administered consistent with the principles of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act. To that end, the department administers Indian and Native American programs to maximize the federal commitment to support the growth and development of Native American people and communities as determined by representatives of such communities.

Any organization that meets the requirements of the solicitation may apply. The Solicitation for Grant Applications, which includes information about how to apply, is available at

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