Navajo President Ben Shelly’s Father’s Day Message

Guest Commentary

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers across the Navajo Nation and the world.

Navajo President Ben Shelly

Navajo President Ben Shelly

The duties of a father include teaching the difference between wrong and right, protecting family at all costs, and nurturing the lives of children looking to you for guidance.

Being a father is about responsibility.

You must be responsible for your family. Most of all, you must be responsible for yourselves because you have people looking up to you,” he added.

Fathers are important to the success their children, the stability of the family unit and this responsibility is easily the most important job in the world.

This Father’s Day, spend some time with your dad to let him know how much you care. Go fishing with your dad. Buy him some new tools. Even simply spending some quiet time with your dad will make him happy.

At any given moment, fathers may step into the role of disciplinarian, homebuilder, master barbecue chef, or electronics guru. Other times they serve as style coach, guidance counselor, mechanic and power lifter.

The responsibilities of a father are endless.

Ben Shelly is the president of the Navajo Nation.

This Father’s Day spend some time with your dad and build something. Continue building that unbreakable bond that only exists between a father and his child.

Happy Father’s Day!

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