Merry Christmas: “Peace on Earth” Should Still Resonate


As we settle in to enjoy family and friends during this holiday season, the universal Christmas message of “Peace on Earth” should still resonate with people of all races and faiths.

Whether you are a traditionalist American Indian who chooses not to follow Christianity, the Christmas message of “Peace on Earth” can still resonate with you because as the Ojibwe believe

“to love is to know peace. You must love yourself in order to love another.”

Levi Rickert

On Christmas Eve and into Christmas, the world seemingly stalls so that family and friends gather to celebrate the season. Far beyond the gifts and cards that are exchanged during this time of year or food eaten, peace should prevail throughout our family lives and friendships.

Love and peace should go hand and hand in our daily lives — not just during the Christmas season.

As American Indians, Alaska Natives and First Nations people, we know there still is a struggle for many among us to have enough food to eat on an ongoing basis. We know it is difficult to heat our homes during the cold of winter.  We know there are still too many who lack the most basic health care and the most basic needs of life.

This year, in particular, we should pray for our fellow American citizens and indigenous cousins in Puerto Rico, many of whom are of Taino Indian blood, where 35 percent of the island still remains in darkness this Christmas due to Hurricane Maria. The massive storm knocked down 80 percent of the island’s utility poles and transmission lines. Officials now say it will not be until May 2018 that the island’s electricity will be fully restored. In the meantime, Puerto Rican families are suffering. Christmas is a wonderful time to offer prayers those who suffer.

In addition, our constant prayers should be for PEACE ON EARTH! It still is a powerful message and should be the goal of all.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us at the Native News Online.


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