Let’s Give Donald Trump the Duck Test


Published June 11, 2016

Actions trigger reactions.

Such was the case Friday when the presumptive Republican presidential nominee showed back up on the campaign trail in Richmond, Virginia. He gave up his tele-prompter that kept him on script on Tuesday evening. He was back to the old Donald Trump, who loves to speak his mind and spew out venom towards people his does not like.

Just a few days after being rebuked by the top GOP Congressional leaders for his racist comments for calling the Indiana-born federal judge with Mexican heritage a Mexican and a hater, Trump was in Richmond referring to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D – Mass.) as “Poncahontas.”

Trump’s racist comments incited the crowd to react with “Indian war whoops.”

According to news accounts, Trump did not mention the federal judge in his speech. Apparently, he thinks American Indian references are fair game and fodder.

The reality is non-Native individuals think it okay to use American Indians in a disparaging fashion, such as their overall acceptance of attempting to honor us with sports mascots with American Indian images.

Actions trigger reactions.

In sports arenas, teams with Indian images produce non-Native fans, who love to dress up as Indians, complete with “war paint” who tend to get drunk in the stands and beat their painted-up chests. Some honor.

Trump tells the media constantly that he is the “least racist” person around.

Perhaps he should be given duck test: If looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, the bird is a duck.

For sake of conversation this Donald Duck is a racist. He began his hateful campaign claiming he was going to make America great again by calling Mexicans “rapists and thieves.” He wants to ban Muslims – on a temporary basis – entry into the United States. He calls Senator Warren Poncahontas.

Very similar to racist presidential candidate George Wallace from the 1960s and 1970s, Trump produces reactions from a group of racists who love him because is not afraid to say what they are thinking. The argument is laughable because so do drunk uncles at holiday parties or people with no home training. They love to speak their minds.

Actions trigger reactions.

Americans need to make sure the racist Donald Trump does not get close to the White House when it goes to the polls in November.

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