Tribal Affordable Care Act Exemption Form Available Online

IHSWASHINGTON Questions still linger when it comes to understanding the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

Most Americans are required to participate in a health care plan. However, American Indians and Alaska Natives may be exempt from having to participate.

Each individual should check with their tribal health officials to determine if you are required to participate.

If you are not required to participate, there is an exemption for American Indians, Alaska Natives and other individuals who are eligible to receive services from an Indian Health Care provider.

In that case, if you are a member of an American Indian tribe, you can seek an exemption from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when you file your federal income tax return.

You don’t need to ask for an exemption if you’re not going to file a federal income tax return because your income is below the filing threshold. If you’re not sure, you may want to ask for an exemption.

Tribal ACA Exemption Form Available Online

Those who are exempt can find the Tribal ACA Exemption Form online by going to:

Use this application if you or anyone in your tax household is a member of an Indian tribe or another individual who’s eligible for health services through the Indian Health Service, tribes and tribal organizations, or urban Indian organizations. Complete the application and send it to the address on page 3 of the application.

For help with the application, call Health Insurance Marketplace Help Center at 1-800-318-2596. TTY users should call 1-855-889-4325.


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