October 19 is Indigenous Pink Day!

Published October 7, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS – Thursday, October 19 is Indigenous Pink Day.

Indigenous Pink Day is a national breast cancer awareness campaign for American Indians/Alaska Natives. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death and the most common cancer found in American Indian/Alaska Native women. The goal of Indigenous Pink Day is to educate all indigenous people on the importance of early detection and remind men and women to keep up to date on their screenings. This is a national awareness campaign, so you can participate from wherever you are!
Wear Pink.
Wear pink to honor breast cancer warriors and survivors and to spread awareness.
Share a picture of yourself on social media wearing pink using #IndigenousPink.
Tell your friends and family about Indigenous Pink Day and ask them to wear pink.
Encourage your organization or business to wear pink.
Get Screened.
Talk to your health care provider for advice and information on breast cancer screenings.
Change your Facebook cover photo.
Set the #IndigenousPink banner as your cover photo.
Join American Indian Cancer Foundation community.
Like the American Indian Cancer Foundation on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, like us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter.
Any amount helps the American Indian Cancer Foundation continue to work towards eliminating the cancer burdens on American Indian families through education, prevention, early detection, treatment and survivor support.
Gear Up for Indigenous Pink!
Join AICAF in spreading breast cancer awareness through purchase of one our Indigenous Pink tees. Be sure to check out Indigenous Pink at our online store!

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