Should You Learn a Foreign Language from Scratch in College?

Published June 27, 2019

So you’re in college, and you are excited about studying a variety of subjects. One of them can be a foreign language. And then questions in your mind such as how to learn any language while you’re still at university and why do I need to do this at all may pop up. Well, the answers are simple. Everyone wants success at work. If you do too, it is the best way to learn a language to succeed. Dive into French, German, or Italian if you’re planning to work in these countries. Find the time for foreign language learning while you are doing your academics.

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Majoring in a Language

It takes time to learn language at college. So study it bit by bit. You may have information overload if you do too much in so little time. If you learn French, you may want to supplement your studies by going into French Camps at weekends. These are the places where people around you speak this language all day long. They also serve food found in Paris, Toulouse and other provinces of France.  The dining halls, cabins and menu are all labeled in French.

Can You Learn Something as Complex as a New Language with the Help of College Professors?

Yes, professors act as coaches for students to grasp things faster. They are a huge help, especially if they’re natives. Request some one-to-one coaching after classes or send emails to your professor if you don’t understand something. Most of them are more than willing to answer questions and provide tips about a foreign language even after classes.

Learn outside the university if possible. It is better to study on your own or go to libraries on weekends in addition to classes or courses. If you plan to work in Normandy, France, the knowledge of their language, culture, cuisine as well as history will provide you with higher chances of being employed.

Other Ways to Learn a New Language

There are a lot of other ways to learn a new language. If we speak about French as an example, connect with a native speaker for better word pronunciation. Spend time studying grammar and memorizing words. Get acquainted with how to put it all together for the sentences to make sense. Practice a lot. Find a French person willing to share his or her knowledge about the language. Immerse yourself in French dictionaries and newspapers every day. Commit a couple of hours a day to master new verbs and nouns. Everything is just a matter of repetition.


Learning a new language while in college is challenging, but it is worth it. Expose yourself to camps. Get subjects in college related to French. Write essays about Bordeaux or Marseille. Taste a chocolate soufflé or a cassoulet. Look for online resources to study almost everything in just a matter of months. These don’t only apply to French but also to any other language. On top of it all don’t forget to have fun and make new friends while mastering your knowledge.


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