NTU’s Chinle Site Plans Trail Ride to Main Campus to Raise Awareness about Higher Education  

Published July 19, 2019

CHINLE, Ariz. — Navajo Technical University’s Chinle instructional site will host a “Trail Ride for Higher Education” from July 29 to August 6, 2019. The nine-day venture will begin at NTU’s new instructional site east of the Chinle Indian Health Services and will conclude at NTU’s main campus in Crownpoint in celebration of NTU’s 40th anniversary as a tribal college and university (TCU).

NTU’s instructional site director Bo Benallie will lead the 132-mile ride, where she hopes communities along the route will join in the caravan. After leaving Chinle, the ride will head south on Hwy 191 to the Nazlini turnoff and then to Burnside Junction. The ride will then head east to Milepost 456 and on to Window Rock, AZ before crossing into New Mexico and on to Yah-ta-hey. The next day, on August 3rd, the ride will then head north on Hwy 491 to Route 9, where the ride will then head east to Coyote Canyon, Standing Rock and into Crownpoint on August 6.

“This ride is to raise awareness about higher education, but it will also promote health and wellness and Diné culture and teachings,” explained Benallie, who was crucial to NTU developing an instructional site in Chinle in 2006. “We will be camping overnight at each location where we hope to share stories. Whether you have a horse or would simply walk a certain distance, come show your support.”

In conjunction with the trail ride, NTU will be hosting several fun run/walks. The first will occur prior to the trail ride on July 24, which the Chinle instructional site intends to use to raise awareness about the ride for higher education. Once the ride begins, there will also be fun run/walks in Ganado on July 30, in Window Rock on August 1, and in Crownpoint on August 6.

Each event will include a t-shirt and promotional items will be given to each participant on a first come, first serve basis. NTU admissions tables will be on site for anyone interested in enrolling at NTU and advisors and financial aid staff will be on hand to assist with registration.

For more information about the NTU “Trail Ride for Higher Education,” contact Bo Benallie at abenallie@navajotech.edu or by calling 928.674.5764.

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