Diné College Awarded $8.8 Million Capital Improvement Grant

Dine College receives $8.8 million

Published September 11, 2015

TSAILE, ARIZONA – Diné College is the recipient of $8.8 million Title III Capital Grant from the U.S. Department of Education that will be used to provide repairs, improvements, and upgrades to the Tsaile, AZ campus

The grant is intended to, “Support student success by engaging in planning, design and renovation/new construction activities at the College’s main campus in Tsaile,” according to Cameron Daines, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and author of the grant.

The five-year capital campus development grant lists three major focus areas:  Improvement of Life/Safety Standards, Enhancement of Student Learning Environments, Establishment of a Robust IT Infrastructure.  The grant will be awarded at $1.7 million per year beginning in 2016 Fiscal Year, which begins on October 1, 2015.

Areas of focus include:


  • Renovation and reinforcement of Ned Hatathli Center (NHC) foundation and ground floor.
  • Renovations and upgrades to the exterior and interior classroom in the NHC
  • Creation of a security sub-station that serves the East entrance of the NHC.
  • Renovation of ADA non-compliant elevator in the Tsaile Library.
  • Remediation of asbestos present in NHC, GCB, and Library within renovation scope.


  • New construction of student common areas throughout the Tsaile Campus.
  • Renovation of math/science labs in General Classroom Building (GCB).


  • Extension of fiber-optic lines to establish connectivity from the Tsaile Campus to all campuses and centers.
  • New construction of WiFi hotspots available to students on campus.

The award and proposed improvements are directly aligned to the College’s Capital Improvement & Investment Plan (CIIP), which itemizes priority improvements across all campuses and centers.

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