American Indian College Fund Releases 2018 Volume of Tribal College and University Research Journal

Published April 17, 2018

DENVER — The American Indian College Fund believes it is critical to support tribal college faculty in conducting research that benefits Native communities and to disseminate research to both Native communities and the wider research community. To that end, Volume II of The Tribal College and University Research Journal, first published in 2016 by the American Indian College Fund (the College Fund), is now available. The journal provides current tribal college and university (TCU) faculty conducting research with an avenue to publish research in a variety of fields including science, program development, and student success, among others.

Volume II of The Tribal College and University Research Journal includes five articles by tribal college presidents and faculty, including “Team Teaching Native American Studies Online: Cultural Challenges and Educational Benefits,” “Behavioral Health Survey of TCU Students by Students: Learning About and Through Research,” “The POSOH Project: Collaboratively Supporting a Community-Driven Perspective on Sustainability and Commitment to the Menominee Forest’s Stewardship,” “Perceived Faculty Professional Development Needs at Tribal Colleges and Universities,” and “Factors Influencing Health and Wellness among American Indians Living in Rural, Tribal Communities.”

To receive a print copy of the journal contact David Sanders at the American Indian College Fund at Electronic copies can be downloaded free at

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