Year End Giving: American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association Promote Cultural Exchange

Published December 29, 2018

Through cultural tourism, we share our culture and our lands while also helping strengthen the ties of the past with present and future generations.
In demonstrating our stories, our dances, our songs and our art, we bring the teachings of our Tribal Elders to new generations in the hopes of securing a more prosperous future for us all.
For nearly 20 years, the American Indain Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) has been helping Tribal communities tell their stories in their own voices. Our outreach efforts have reached nearly 5,000 Tribal tourism professionals, and collectively we have seen overseas tourism to Indian Country nearly triple in the past decade.
Still, there is much work to be done and we cannot reach our goals without your help.
A gift to AIANTA helps increase the technical support available to Native American-led tourism programs while also fostering a greater awareness of Indian Country destinations, activities and events.

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