Xocotl Huetzi Celebrated by Dancers

Dance group Calpulli Nanahuatzin celebrates Xocotl Huetzi


Published September 11, 2017

NAPA, CALIFORNIA – On September 9, 2017, Mexica Danza dance group Calpulli Nanahuatzin held a ceremony in honor of Xocotl Huetzi, which is a twenty-day period from September 8 to 28, known as the fall of the fruits. During this month many trees begin to drop their ripe fruit.  A twenty-day period is equivalent to a month in the Mexica/Aztec calendar.This is the signal for harvesting time and the days of many dead. Celebrating the fruits in the trees represents the elderly people They are the fruits of humanity, the givers of life. Because of the high mortality rate on the earth is also why the oldest people who have passed are celebrated this month.

During this time of celebration,  there many meteorological phenomenons begin to appear in the earth,

It is the time of cleaning of the planet when the tornadoes begin to appear, cold fronts; the levels of rivers and dams rise causing floods, landslides that appear as mudslides, landslides and even tremors, many natural phenomena happen in this month.



That is the reason why this month is called the many dead. During this month offerings are made with many flowerslights or candles.

Native News Online photographs by Christopher Burquez, who contributed to this story from Napa, California along with Jesus Solorio.

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