Wounded Knee DeOcampo Foot and Linda DeOcampo Foot shelter Longest Walk 5.2 Through Snow Storm

Norman “Wounded Knee”DeOcampo and wife, Linda welcomed tired Longest Walkers into their home.

Published February 24, 2017

POLLUCK PINES, CALIFORNIA – Norman “Wounded Knee” DeOcampo, affectionately known as simply “Wounded,” is a member of the Miwok tribe. When a major snowstorm brought 10-inches of snow on the Longest Walk 5.2’s mountain pass they had to cross, he and his wife, Linda DeOcampo, welcomed long walkers into their home to wait out the snow storm.

Wounded has been on every one of the Longest Walks since the inception, including the first one in 1978. He has been involved supporting, leading, and re-building his and ‘all our relations’ indigenous ways all over Indian Country. Linda has been by his side supporting him and encouraging him to help the people.

With the snowstorm slowing down its progress, the Longest Walk 5.2 had 20 people that needed housing. The Miwok tribe opened their gym in the valley and Wounded opened his house on the mountain and the walkers rotated between the two so everyone could experience the healing of both venues. Linda, not only cooked for all the walkers and runners in her house, but even cooked and brought food to some of the crew tending and watching over the trailers, vehicles and gear.

Wounded Knee has been involved with every Longest Walk since 1978.

Wounded is a strong supporter of the Longest Walk 5.2’s theme: To reduce substance abuse and domestic violence in Indian Country.

While visiting with him, Wounded even discussed the current situation in Washington, D.C. with the arrival of the Trump administration. He questioned the role of the Trump administration’s stance on immigration. He asked, “What are you going to do when they come for you in the morning?”  He was referencing the far-reaching approach the Trump administration is taking to anyone who doesn’t quite look like they do. Wounded wondered what the president will do when it comes to protecting the sovereignty and sacred sites. Given the President Trump’s signing the presidential memorandum that allowed for the Dakota Access pipeline at Standing Rock, Wounded is not hopeful for other Native nations in the United States.


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