With Decisive Victory, Navajo Nation President-Elect Talks Ruling with a Mandate of the People

At 43, Jonathan Nez is the youngest ever elected president of the Navajo Nation. Photo courtesy of the Navajo Times.

Published November 8, 2018

WINDOW ROCK — On Tuesday, Jonathan Nez won a decisive victory in the Navajo Nation general election. According to the Navajo Election Administration, Nez, and his running mate, Myron Lizer, garnered 66.4 percent of the vote with 39,783. The Nez-Lizer ticket beat former Navajo Nation Joe Shirley and his running mate, Buu Van Nygren who received 20,146 votes.

At 43, he will become the youngest ever elected president to lead the Navajo Nation. He currently serves as vice president of the Navajo Nation in the Begaye-Nez administration.

With such a wide margin, Nez is saying his upcoming administration will have a mandate to rule the nation.

“Our people have spoken, and we now take their mandate into office. The 2018 election was especially important because it also marked 150 years of Navajo sovereignty since the Treaty of 1868. We are a resilient people,” comments President-elect Nez to Native News Online.

“The Navajo Nation voters awoke from a deep slumber and flooded the voting polls in historic numbers. Some chapters did not have enough ballots and more had to be brought in. This is a good problem to have, especially considering the tens of thousands of Navajo voters who were purged earlier this summer. More than 40,000 registered before Election Day and they were able to cast their ballots,” Nez continued.

“The election was a divisive experience and now the Navajo people must come back together as a nation and change our government for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.”

“I am honored to have been part of the people’s choice. They say ‘landslide victory’ but we still have to work hard to legitimize this mandate. As such, our administration must address the grassroots issues that galvanized our continued desire to bring [gov’t] outreach to the people,” Vice Presidential -Elect Myron Lizer said.

In addition to the presidential administration, the Navajo Nation elected 16 new tribal delegates.

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