White Supremists Rallies Shut Down in San Francisco: American Indians Host Anti-Racism Prayer Rally

In the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, some of the prayer rally pose for photograph.

Published August 26, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO — The right-wing white supremist rallies planned for San Francisco this weekend never happened. Citing problems with obtaining permits from San Fransicso officials, the Patroit Freedom rally was canceled on Friday night. Another rally planned for Saturday was also canceled.

Several counter rallies involving thousands of people were held instead, including one in Crissy Field, conducted by a group of American Indians, primarily from the San Francisco Bay Area. Joining the San Francisco Native group was Chase Iron Eyes (Standing Rock Sioux) from Last Real Indians. Iron Eyes was there to pay his respects to the Ohlone lands and participated in the prayer service with fellow organizer Isabella Zizi. She was assisted by Brytnee Miller in our peaceful prayer walk and gathering.

“These are times like this that we face hate with prayer and love, ” Iron Eyes told the crowd of a couple dozen.

Brytnee Miller, Chase Iron Eyes & Isabella Zizi.

During four hours of encouraging words and songs, the group networked about numerous causes of the Indigenous People.

“I was very happy to see more young adults getting involved with rallies, walks, and marches. I express this a lot when I travel,” said Lydia West (Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma), who lives in Alpine, California and who attended the prayer.

On Friday night, the United Urban Warrior Society-California Chapter issued a statement denouncing racism.

” We reject racism, we reject white supremacy, we reject anti-Semitism, we reject the KKK, we reject neo-Nazis, we reject domestic terrorism and we reject hatred, and we will do every single thing in our power to keep hate out of the San Francisco Bay Area and the State of California,” said United Urban Warrior Society State Chairperson Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney in the statement.

The United Urban Warrior Society-California Chapter is a member of the United Urban Warrior Society, a national Native American organization dedicated to more Human & Civil Rights for Native America. Our U.U.W.S- California Chapter has stated publicly that it views white supremacist and their allies as domestic terrorists.

Lydia West and Arthur Jacobs contributed to this story from San Francisco.




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