Ways to Rock Viking Haircut Looks

Published June 19, 2019

Traditionally, Vikings were the Norse Explorers famous for their appearance and vicious attacks. Though some people still debate about the savage Viking haircut looks we associate with Viking age with, undoubtedly their looks are unique.

To bring a taste of Viking haircut looks to the modern age, we have compiled some of the vintage Scandinavian hairstyles for your consideration. The best thing is that the modern Viking haircuts have been revamped to look more contemporary.

  1. Rugged Hair and Side Braid. Possibly, “rugged” is the best way to describe rugged haircuts. With unkempt beards, fierce attitudes and long hair, that is the best word to describe them.
  2. Modern Vikings And Messy Ponytail. What if you are looking for a Viking inspired look that exudes modernity? Always choose a full beard, but make sure it is well groomed. Besides, allow your hair to grow out to medium or long length, even going past your shoulders.
  3. Messy, Viking Man Bun and An Unkempt Beard. Man bun haircuts have existed for decades, and their popularity is growing among men for the past few years. If you want to wear a Viking-like style on a daily basis, a hairdo such as a man bun will be the best choice thanks to its aesthetic benefits
  4. Ponytail Viking And Loose Sideburns. Besides, you can opt for ponytail haircuts from time to time. This style features long braids and long locks and will instantly give you a Viking look. This is the best look to try if you have long locks, especially if there are naturally straight.
  5. Hair Down. Its no doubt that most of the Viking hairstyles we have discussed here incorporate thick beards and long hair. However, this Viking haircut changes the game and leaves both hair and beards untouched. Just leave everything alone.
  6. Neat Undercut with A Man Bun. Undercut haircut for gents also plays a great role when it comes to Viking haircuts. Generally, most of the haircuts linked to Vikings included disconnected undercuts and skin fades. You can, however, wear yours with a man bun to reveal your shaven part.
  7. Full Viking Mohawk And A Big Beard. If you need to create a Viking haircut that shows more of a bad guy edge, then choose a mohawk Viking hairstyle. However, slimmer mohawks may not appear great, so it is advisable to choose wide mohawks for your style.
  8. Extend Hair, Braids, and Medium Beard. The combination of these three elements gives you a Viking hairstyle that is sure to turn heads. The beards are trimmed to standard sizes and braids are styled on both sides of the head.
  9. Undercut, Braids, and Ponytails. Do you want to rock a Viking haircut with braids and an undercut? Well, this is the right place to start experimenting by simply wrapping your long hair to create a ponytail in the back. Both sides and the back are shaved to create an undercut where the ponytail fall.

  10. Pompadour Mohawk And Long Beard. If you need a Viking haircut that shows some edginess, then this should be what you are looking for. This mohawk Viking features long and massively teased hair on top. The look can easily be achieved by combining the top hair to the back and the using holding gel to hold it in place.
  11. Short and Long Hair Combination. What if you want to rock both long and short haircuts for men? You can select a Viking haircut that incorporates both lengths. For the hair on top, trim it shorter so it will be easy to style and manage. And for the hair at the back, either get dreadlocks or leave the locks to fall.
  12. Bald Undercut, Braid and Long Braided Beard. Yes, Vikings are known to be unruly and fierce. However, m though most of them feature rugged beard and long locks, it all depends on how you decide to style them. This Viking hairstyle features long braided beard, a clean undercut and side braids.
  13. Viking Undercut If you need a trendy haircut that is Viking as well as hipster, look no further. The Viking undercut looks great on all haircuts and styles, and is a part of long top haircut and short sides trend nowadays. For example, you can incorporate a slicked back hair, top knot, ponytail with the undercut.

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