Water Protectors Face Rubber Bullets, Mace, Compression Grenades and Water Cannon in Frigid Temperatures at Standing Rock

Photo from Facebook LIVESTREAM

Photo from Facebook LIVESTREAM

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Published November 20, 2016

CANNON BALL, NORTH DAKOTA—Unarmed American Indian and non-Native water protectors were viciously attacked by law enforcement in the dark hours and frigid temperatures Sunday evening near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The scene is on the bridge on Highway 1806 north of the encampments where water protectors are camping.

The unarmed water protectors were sprayed with tear gas and with a water cannon as a way to move the crowd away from the scene.

A fire was set by law enforcement and was quickly put out be water protectors.

Tear gas was fired way into the crowd.

One woman who had taken blankets to the water protectors on the front line was met with a cloud of tear gas. Overtaken with the fierceness of the tear gas, she vomited and urinated accidentally as she was trying to get away from the scene.

It is unclear as to how many people have been injured at this hour.

This is a developing story and was taken from a Facebook LIVESTREAM.

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