Washington NFL Fan Burns Team Paraphernalia as an Apology to American Indians

burning the NFL stuff

Published March 6, 2016

ATLANTA— Lifelong Washington DC football fan Tiffani Howard burned all of her team paraphernalia as an apology to American Indians for supporting a team with the name “Reds*ins.” Howard captures the burning of numerous team memorabilia and gear on video at https://youtu.be/FMmztxjhSzY.

Despite Washington DC Football franchise owner Dan Snyder’s statement about the “Redsk*ns”  team name being in honor American Indians and his claim that vast numbers do not find the name offensive; Howard’s act is also an appeal to Snyder to change the name.

“As an African American woman I imagined one day that the team logo was a black man with an Afro and called a name that African Americans find offensive instead of a Native American Indian Man with a feather. It made me realize how the Native American Indian people must feel about the word Redsk*ns previously being used to define them as a people and target them for eradication. I could no longer in my heart wear the team clothing I owned or buy any more Washington DC Football products as long as this team has that name.” explained Tiffani Howard.

In the video Howard is joined by a friend, Juan Campbell who assists her in burning her many belongings. Campbell is not a Washington DC Football fan but also believes the name is antiquated and culturally derogatory to American Indians.

“Throwing my things away was just not good enough. I wanted them destroyed. It is my goal that the Native American Indian Tribes will see that I am sincere about my apology and my beliefs. I also desire for the name to be changed to show the cultural understanding of the owners and how they endeavor to move forward with the times. If we have found the compassion to recognize Gay Marriage in the United States then changing this name should not be a problem.” said, Tiffani Howard, Producer and Director of the video, “Cultural Respect Matters.”




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