Walmart Respects Customers’ Rights to Legally Carry a Firearm in States Where it’s Permitted

Walmart at 800 West Warner Road in Chandler, Arizona where unarmed Navajo man was killed.

Walmart at 800 West Warner Road in Chandler, Arizona where unarmed Navajo man was killed.

How Safe is it to Shop at a Walmart?

CHANDLER, ARIZONA — As the Chandler Police Department continues its investigation into the shooting that left an unarmed Navajo man dead at the Walmart, Supercenter, located at 800 West Warner Road, Chandler, Arizona, Walmart corporate spokesperson Dianna Gee released the following statement to the Native News Online on Monday:

“This is such a sad situation and our thoughts are with all of those involved. We are working closely with Chandler Police to provide them any information we have that might be useful for their investigation.”

Kriston Charles Belinte Chee, 36, a Navajo Nation citizen, was killed after a scuffle broke out at the Walmart on Sunday, February 16, 2014.

Kriston Charles Belinte Chee was award-winning bricklayer.

Kriston Charles Belinte Chee was award-winning bricklayer.

Chee and his wife stopped by the Walmart to pick up some supplies he would need for a construction job he was to begin at a church on next morning. During a stop at the service counter, Quadlin began harassing Chee’s wife.

Chee intervened. Soon an argument escalated into a brawl, as Chee defended his wife.

Quadlin then took out a gun and shot Chee. He fled the Walmart and later was turned in by relatives. Quadlin told the Chandler Police Department he was in fear of his life because he was losing the brawl with Chee.

Chee was unarmed.

The Chandler Police Department is investigating the killing. Investigators are in the process of interviewing witnesses, some of whom live out of state, and reviewing the 911 call that came into the police department and an in-store video.

In an inquiry into Walmart’s policy on having guns inside their stores by its customers, Gee responded:

 “Walmart respects our customers’ rights to legally carry a firearm in states where it is permitted.”

Given this policy and Quadlin’s quick use of his firearm, how safe is it to shop at a Walmart?

Quadlin was not arrested and remains free. The investigation by the Chandler Police Department continues.


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