Walkers Gather on Alcatraz on Sunday Prior to Today’s Kickoff of Longest Walk

Long Walkers on Alcatraz Island

Published February 11, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO — The “Longest Walk: We Shall Continue” kicksoff on Alcatraz Island today. The Walk was initiated to address the major threats to American Indian and Indigenous Peoples.  The Walk is billed as a spiritual Walk for all Indigenous Peoples and allies.

In 1978, The Longest Walk came about as a way to confront eleven (11) anti-Indian bills in Congress.  This included a bill that proposed abrogating all Indian treaties.  In 2019 we are facing a renewal of serious threats to our children, women, lands, waters, sovereignty, and even our Indigenous Knowledge.

Monday’s activities on Alcatraz Island will include a ceremony to begin the spiritual walk to the Washington Monument, in Washington, DC.

On Sunday, several walkers gathered on Alcatraz in preparation of Monday’s kickoff.

Norm Sands and Marge Grow-Eppard


Walkers heard speeches and recalled previous Longest Walks and events on Alcatraz Island.


Organizers have identified eleven (11) areas that we need to affirm, advocate, and educate about.  These are:

1)    Support and Protect Indian Children

2)    Honor Indigenous Women

3)    Strengthen Inherent and Indigenous Sovereignty

4)    Create an Environmental Covenant

5)    Repeal Public Law 280 and Overturn the Plenary Power Doctrine

6)    Land, Waters and Air Clean Up and Protection

7)    Treaties, Lands, and Customary Responsibilities

8)    Strengthen and Assert Spiritual Freedom and Protect Sacred Sites

9)    Protect Indigenous Knowledge

10) Support Just Transition

11) Confront Alcohol and Other Drugs Abuse

For more information: longestwalk2019@gmail.com

Beatrice Menase Kwe Jackson and Arthur Jacobs

Native News Online photos by Beatrice Menase Kwe Jackson. Arthur Jacobs contributed to ths article from Alcatraz Island.

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