Vallejo Multicultural Coalition to Host Ohlone Exhibit

Art Exhibit: Ohlone Elders and Youth Speak: Restoring a California Legacy

Art Exhibit: Ohlone Elders and Youth Speak: Restoring a California Legacy

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA—In September of 2014, New Pacific Studio, The McCree-Goudeau Gallery and Sacred Sites Protection and Rights of Indigenous Tribes (SSPRIT) collaborated to bring an Indigenous perspective, titled “Cultures, Voices and Continuities” to the Visions of the Wild Festival. Visions of the Wild was sponsored by The US Forest Service in Vallejo, CA. As a result of this collaboration and a series of community meetings held by New Pacific Studio, these organizations founded Vallejo Multicultural Coalition (VMC).

VMC aims to educate themselves and others about cultural perspectives and histories. VMC acknowledges and promotes respect for First Nations Peoples. VMC’s purpose is to develop effective public resources for the entire community, while fostering diversity and diverse leadership as a valued community asset.

VMC is happy to announce the organizing of its first art exhibit in partnership with The Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum; Executive Director, Jim Kern. Ohlone Elders & Youth Speak:

Restoring a California Legacy, is an exhibit featuring photography of the Ohlone people by Photographer Ruth Morgan and Ohlone history gathered by Oral Historian Janet Clinger. This exhibition celebrates multi-generational efforts of the Ohlone people to keep their cultures alive and thriving. Compelling photographic images and riveting oral histories dispel the myth that the Ohlone are extinct and illuminates the life experience of people living between two cultures that are often in opposition. The exhibit reflects the challenges of 21st Century Ohlone: protection of sacred burial sites, truth telling regarding the history of California Native Peoples, the significance of the arts and crafts resurgence and a vision for the future of the Ohlone Peoples.

Ohlone Elders & Youth Speak: Restoring a California Legacy opens this Saturday April 11, 2015, Noon to 4:00 pm at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum; 734 Marin Street in Vallejo.

The exhibit closes on June 27, 2015, 2:00 – 4:00pm with a panel discussion and film showing of Beyond Recognition by filmmaker Michelle Grace Steinberg; activist, ally and supporter of the Ohlone people.

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