Ute Indian Tribal Business Committee Endorses Candidate Jack Rubin as Utah State Senate District 26 Representative

Jack Rubin is running for Utah State Senate in 26th District.

Published May 5, 2018

FT. DUCHESNE, UTAH — On Tuesday April 17th, 2018, candidate for Utah State Senate District 26 Jack Rubin met with the Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee to discuss his campaign platform and to hear from the Ute Indian Tribe on its issues and priorities. By a unanimous vote, the Business Committee of the Ute Indian Tribe has endorsed Jack Rubin for Utah State Senate in the 26th District.

Mr. Rubin stressed in his remarks to the Business Committee his vision of a fundamentally different approach to working with the Ute Indian Tribe than is currently the case in the Uintah Basin. In his statements to the Tribal Business Committee, Mr. Rubin stated: “When I talk to some people in the Basin they don’t refer to you as ‘The Ute Tribe’; instead they talk about ‘the Indian problem’! That breaks my heart; I grew up in the South, I’ve seen this before!”

In discussions between the Business Committee and candidate Rubin it was clear that the Ute Indian Tribe and local government could work together in harmony if the state and local governments came to the Tribe in a spirit of cooperation rather than one of confrontation.

Furthermore, the other candidates in the race so far have advanced the same bad faith attitude towards the Ute Indian Tribe that has resulted in wasteful lawsuits against the Tribe, all of which the State and County have lost, but which have wasted hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars from state and county governments. One Facebook post from last week’s Utah Republican State Convention from a close supporter of candidate Brian Gorum stated that Brian would fight to “defend against the encroachments of the Tribe”! This is the kind of disrespectful and counterproductive behavior in the Basin that the Tribe seeks to roll back in order to establish an improved framework for Tribal-State relations for the betterment of the entire Uintah Basin.




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