A Universal “Trump-style” Revolution or End-of-the-World Scenario?

Guest Commentary

Published February 28, 2017

Part 2 of 2

Clearly, new Hitler’s, Mussolini’s and General Tojo’s of the modern era have been on the rise for some time. It’s only a matter of when not if they’ll finally show the fullness of their ugly faces and real intent. However, President Trump, and the cast of shady characters now coalescing around him, worldwide, aren’t the main culprits but merely the symptoms of a moral and ethical fascism that was long ago set into motion with the imperial actions of other rebranded, contrived European names everywhere in the New World, much to the regret of its indigenous, aboriginal peoples and their inviolate sacred homelands. Trump and his kind aren’t about to radically remake the American brand so much as serve as its latest, best and brightest, cheerleaders and crafty wordsmiths who will greatly speed up the evolution of a global-wide brand of corporate, military, industrial conquest that, at its core, never has fundamentally believed in a world predicated upon the philosophy of such truly democratic principles, as: caring for one’s fellow man or woman; unionism to protect worker’s rights; the dignity of a liveable hourly wage; universal health care, or; the protection and preservation of the earth’s natural world and its resources. What those like Donald Trump presage for America is what Karl Marx predicted one-day would simply happen to Western capitalistic countries as their moral and ethical rot continued to set in.

Given this reality, one could argue that this is why newcomer cultures in the New World, and their political-military-corporate-class systems and feudalistic, plutocratic infra-structures, have, from the outset, been fundamentally opposed to indigenous, aboriginal cultures and their socialistic, communalistic ways of life that practice values, principles and beliefs that seek to keep life sacred and in balance. The reality is that after over some five centuries of so-called ‘discovery’ in the New World, the newcomers still haven’t been able to grasp the world view of life that believes in constantly giving back in gratitude to all that is, rather than persist with the profane view of things that perpetually seeks to take and acquire all that is for itself while giving back nothing of equal value in return.

Too many newcomers fail to see that in each unique place in the New World, such as on the ancient continent of Terra Australis, there are those special chosen ones, like its Kookaburra Clan, who are the first to awaken each morn to faithfully fulfil the sacred charge given to them by Creation to herald each new day, with great gusto and joy, as if it were the very first dawning of life itself; to remind newcomers and old-timers alike with its song that sings, “Hooray! It’s another new day to carry out the sacred work we’ve all been given to fulfil to ensure the continuation of life as it was originally intended!” To then, at the end of each day, put everyone to bed with still another song that heralds, “My and Your Sacred Duty Now Is Done! Sleep Well!” In Asia, the Chinese have the Rooster to remind them of such things, as do the peoples of every continent in the New & Old Worlds have their own unique awakeners. While most old-timers or ‘old souls’, as some call them, already know this to be true, fewer newcomers, or so-called ‘new souls’, are yet able to heed such simple wisdoms.

But perhaps this line of thought is always a fruitless one to ever try to make, and simply too much to ask or hope that the Trump’s of the world – or any alien race, culture or civilization that hasn’t ever had the same formative, maturing benefit of the thousands of years of relationship with or connection to all the lands and life forms that indigenous peoples have had – would ever evolve the same sacred view of life and ability or capacity to see things in the same way; the unresolved problem that existed some five hundred years ago still existent today between the indigenous mentality and that of the invader, albeit in a multitude of new and different forms.

To breach this impasse is the ultimate solution, but of course the perennial problem is that the belief system of the narcissistic invader mentality — fuelled by an over-inflated sense of entitlement and an insatiable drive for self-serving avaricious private enterprise, constantly fed by human greed and the other seven deadly human sins – has been predicated, since day one, upon perpetual growth and ever-larger consumptions of energy and resources, where the constant unsustainable explosion of human populations now has become the single most, driving cause behind every deteriorating crisis on earth.

Among but a few of the world’s many consequent unfolding calamitous crises are: the rapid depletion of fish stocks and other food sources in the world’s oceans due to the unrelenting pressures of ever-greater human demands; the disappearance of vast tracts of prime farmlands for ever-larger, sprawling urban and rural housing developments; the loss of pristine Northern forests, primordial Southern jungles, the life-giving oxygen they produce along with the loss of all their endangered wildlife, destroyed for the raw materials demanded by ever-burgeoning human expansion, or; the ever more rapid loss of fresh, potable, finite water sources destroyed by the continued mining-fracking-extraction of diminishing natural resources. Then there’s the on-going loss of modern civilization’s architectural heritage and time-honoured cultural traditions, impacted by the tidal wave of immigrants created by all the human chaos that, like a new Viking or Hun invasion, continues to destroy whatever host country’s former way of life which, in turn, creates ever more civil unrest and political blowback to the detriment of the entire human race. Not to mention the ever-rising costs of healthcare, medicines and medical services due to mass populations living longer and requiring all manner of interventions, as well as; the all but impossible task of trying to endlessly create meaningful, well-paying jobs for the burgeoning numbers of the displaced, unemployed and unemployable.

Something invariably will have to give; either the human population must be radically reduced and the global corporate world give much of its monstrously-greedy profit margin to help pay to support human society, or both must happen to otherwise avoid the dire consequences that are predictable. Yet little serious discussion is raised by world leaders to address the ultimate radical source of all these crises – which is their own suicidal world view. Hence, no one has yet come up with any soluble answers how to ever stop or even slow them down, other than allow for the primitive continuance of war material production, the proliferation of world war, terror, pandemic disease and endless economic expansion.

The indigenous sensibility of those who contend we humans have instead been created to maintain a small eco-footprint on the earth, and humbly serve as caretakers of legacies we’re obligated to bequeath intact to future coming generations of humans and non-humans alike, is a sensibility still totally alien and repugnant to the invader’s belief system today as it was five centuries ago; such beliefs still light years away from the grandiose dreams and megalomaniacal ambitions of the invader mentality today as when it first came to the New World, and now even more grandiose world view of all The Donald’s who look upon themselves as the ordained ones whose God has decreed to them dominion over all forms of life; imbuing them with the arrogant belief that whatever actions they may ever take aren’t the source of whatever unsustainable population explosion, unlimited economic growth or human-caused climate change.

Yet, for better or worse, as our tiny Earth-orb continues to hurl through the distant reaches of the universe, this new-old Star Wars mentality, like it or not, now is going where it’s going and taking the whole lot of us with it for one hell of a wild ride; until, or unless, the reality finally dawns that the tragic direction and savage ending towards where the invader mentality continues to point humanity is heading towards a cataclysmic head-on collision against some cosmic solid brick wall that awaits up ahead.

So here we all are, still in the blush of 2017, having only anointed barely a fortnight or so ago what some would call, “the most powerful man on Earth”, who will usher in, so the spin goes, yet another much-touted ‘new world order’ that, “Will Make America Great Again”; yet, as many others fear, already is showing signs of coming apart at the seams, and can only but continue to sound the death knell to whatever free, brave, beautiful, shining dream that America once promised it would become but lied because it never will.

Every time this writer ponders the state of America and the world’s dark, troubled future that lies ahead, a children’s nursery rhyme immediately springs to mind that goes, “Humpty Dumpty climbed a great wall! Humpty Dumpty had a great fall! All the King’s horses and all the Kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again!” Like all of history’s Humpty Dumpty megalomaniacs who’ve come and gone, the reality is that Trump, too, one day will also suffer the same fate. The hope though is that the masses will wake up in time to cause Trump or whatever new Humpty Dumpty follows to fall off the wall before he or she can do irreparable harm to too many in the world.

To know what must be done, one need only reconsider what the Standing Rock Sioux people and their allies were, and still are, committed to do as when they resolutely stood together, in the face of such brutish oppression and terrorizing, locked arm-in-arm in solidarity on the distant, frigidly-cold prairies of North Dakota, while crying out “NODAPL!”; with the hope that the rest of America and the world would hear their pleas and echo even louder the prayer and chant their cry represents for the future.

So, now it’s up to those like Canada’s First Nation peoples and their allies to resume the Sioux’s prayers and chants. How will Canada’s Liberal Government, its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the Canadian people respond to their fresh pleas? Will Canada and Trudeau face up to the challenges of the radically-new way of human life that is required, or will PM Trudeau dutifully fall in-line with President Trump’s apocryphal vision for the future?

What of other countries in the New World like Australia who already is on Trump’s climate change denial, corporate world view wavelength that, in one instance, begs for forgiveness and reconciliation for the many horrid, criminal things it has done to its own aboriginal peoples, their homelands and the natural world, yet, in the next breath, hypocritically sides with racist, apartheid countries like Israel and absolves them for the heinous things they continue to do against their own Palestinian indigenous peoples and lands? Will Australia hear in time the morning cries of its Kookaburra Clan to know what to do? Or will it approve the Carmichael Coal Project and India’s $22 billion diversified fossil fuel conglomerate of its Adani Corporation, headed by billionaire Gautam Adani, to build Australia’s largest coal mine; a project that will lead to the demise of their Great Barrier Reef and the critical part it plays in Mother Earth’s overall ability to replenish and sustain herself? Must the bottom line of such projects always come down to the mundane decision of enabling a few exceedingly-rich, greedy humans to become even more filthy rich as they mine and ship still more finite, dirty coal and fossil fuels to mass polluters like India and China?

Will a similar ‘Trump-Style’ revolution now explode among the world’s other governments or will they instead take to heart, before it’s too late, the sacred wisdoms of their own aboriginal peoples and those wise ones from among the 194 signatories to the Paris Accord? In the end, will the future’s suicidal norm simply become Trump’s Way or the Highway and that cataclysmic cosmic brick wall that fast looms ahead?

A lot of unanswered questions and unknowns beckon in 2017 and yet another arduous yesteryear’s journey Back to the Future has begun anew. Let’s all pray these epochal times in which we live will truly prove to be not only an auspicious Chinese Year of the Rooster, but the Australian Year of the Kookaburra & Year of the Awakener within us all, wherever we may be.

Jerome Irwin is a freelance writer and author of “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey” (www.turtle-island-odyssey.com), a three volume account of his travels as a spiritual sojourner, during the 1960’s, 70’s & 80’s, among Native Americans & First Nations in North America. It encompasses the Spiritual Renaissance & Liberation Movements among native peoples throughout North America during the civil rights era. More recently, Irwin authored a series of articles on the “NODAPL” Sioux Protest in North Dakota. Irwin also is the publisher of The Wild Gentle Press.

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