Two New Ambulances Delivered for Red Lake and Ponemah; Two More to be Delivered in March

After introduction, the two new ambulances arriving at Tribal Headquarters are inspected

Published December 22, 2017

RED LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION – At about 8:30 am on Wednesday, December 20, 2017, officers of the Red Lake Tribal Council, Chairman Darrell G. Seki, Sr., Secretary Darwin Sumner, and Treasurer Annette Johnson, met with Kathy Luepke of the United States Department of Agriculture, (USDA) Rural Development, to sign papers for two new ambulances to be delivered that morning. They were joined by Tribal Attorney Joe Plumer and Tribal Administrator Tom Cain.

According to Red Lake Jobs & Community Development Facilitator Eugene “Bugger” McArthur, who played a role in the acquiring of the badly need emergency vehicles, they would arrive outside the government center at 9:00 am.
And sure enough at 9 am as if on cue, two brand new state of the art ambulances pulled up in front of the Red Lake Capitol, delivered by representatives of Fire Safety USA, sellers of emergency vehicles, just as the tribal officers had finished signing the appropriate papers.
It was a bit nippy outside, but that did not deter the tribal officers, paramedics and EMT’s from Comp Health, and curious tribal members from examining the two new vehicles. One will be assigned to Red Lake, the other to Ponemah. In March, two more ambulances will be delivered, again to be split with Red Lake and Ponemah.

The Stryker power load and power cot is demonstrated. EMT’s can easily load patients up to 700 lbs. without lifting

EMT’s paid particular attention as representatives from Fire Safety USA demonstrated the use of the state of the art “power pro” cot and stretcher, and other amenities of the new ambulances. The vehicles are known as a Conversion Ford Model 170 Medic. It has a headroom of six feet, it has LED lights and the latest in safety for passengers. It even has a battery charger, on board vacuum, oxygen, and bio waste containers.

“The tribal council initiated the purchase of the four ambulances to address the needs of the members of Red Lake Nation,” according to McArthur, “the new emergency vehicles were badly needed.”
McArthur who helped arrange the purchase with Kathy Luepke of the USDA, said the ambulances were paid for with a combination of a USDA Loan and Grant.
The Tribe’s Public safety concerns continue with two new fire halls for Red Lake and Ponemah beginning construction in the Spring with two new fire trucks coming in August.
One of the features that caught the interest of the EMT’s present was the Stryker power load and power cot. Some of the features on your new McCoy Miller type III ambulances are listed below. 

A state of the art stretcher

– All aluminum construction

– Crown rolled roof to inhibit water pooling 
– 3/4″ marine grade wood cabinetry 
– Completely seamless upholstery 
– Excel electrical system – Easy to use and maintain 
– All LED emergency lighting 
– Stryker Power cot and Power load – Allows the EMT’s to easily load patients up to 700 lbs without lifting. 
– 6 point seat belt harness – Secures EMT’s and keeps them safe in the event of an accident 
– 15 year ambulance module structure warranty 
– 1 year general ambulance conversion warranty 
– lifetime warranty of the cabinet construction 
– 5 year warranty on the body paint 
– All Warranty work serviced by Fire Safety USA’s EVT certified techs. 
Photos by Michael Meuers

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