Trump White House: Carlyle Begay Does Not Work Here

Carlyle Begay

Published March 1, 2017

WASHINGTON – Carlyle Begay (Navajo) was supposed to have a job at the White House. Just before Christmas, Begay told Native News Online that he would be employed there after Donald Trump became president. On Tuesday, the Trump White House told an Arizona newspaper, Begay is not an employee at the White House and does not work there.


In early, December Begay posted a photo outside the White House indicating he would be working at the White House.

In his conversation with Native News Online in December, Begay said he could not discuss what his role would be at the White House. He has not returned calls or texts to Native News Online since January 20 when he texted a photo of two Navajo Code Talkers who appeared in the Inaugural Parade.

Begay is a former Democrat who left the party and became a Republican. Last year, he was a unsuccessful Congressional candidate. He attached himself to the Trump presidential campaign. It is unclear what, if anything was promised to him, by the Trump campaign.






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