Trump Tells Naval Academy Graduates “Our Ancestors Tamed a Continent”

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Published May 25, 2018

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Speaking before 1,042 graduating midshipmen, their families, friends and others, Donald Trump said “our ancestors tamed a continent” and added that “we are not going to apologize for America.”

Prior to European contact, the North and South American continents were occupied by indigenous peoples, now referred to as American Indians or Native Americans. Some historians estimate as many as 100 million people lived in both continents prior to contact. Sadly, by 1900 there were only about 230,000 American Indians left. 

According to Trump, those who remained were “tamed.”

Together there is nothing Americans can’t do, absolutely nothing,” Trump told the crowd assembled for commencement cerrmonies at the U.S. Naval Academy. “In recent years, and even decades, too many people have forgotten that truth. They’ve forgotten that our ancestors trounced an empire, tamed a continent, and triumphed over the worst evils in history.”

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