Trump Administration Wants American Indians to be Considered a Race Rather than Sovereign Nations

Trump has portrait of “Indian killer” Andrew Jackson looking over his daily moves in Oval Office, in itself, provides a glimpse into the disregard he has for Native peoples.

Published April 22, 2018

MOST read story in Native News Online in 2018

WASHINGTON – As a threat to tribal sovereignty, the Trump administration is attempting to strip American Indians and Alaska Natives from health care.

Politico reported Sunday, the Trump administration says Native Americans might need to get a job if they want to keep their health care.

“Tribal leaders want an exemption from new Medicaid work rules being introduced in several states, and they say there are precedents for health care exceptions. Native Americans don’t have to pay penalties for not having health coverage under Obamacare’s individual mandate, for instance.” reports Politico.

“But the Trump administration contends the tribes are a race rather than separate governments, and exempting them from Medicaid work rules — which have been approved in three states and are being sought by at least 10 others — would be illegal preferential treatment,” the article continues.

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