Transforming Teaching and Learning about American Indians

Middle school students using educational resources from the museum’s initiative Native Knowledge 360°. Photo by Alex Jamison

November in American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month

Published October 31, 2018

WASHINGTON — Do you remember the first time you learned about American Indians in school? If you are like most Americans, you probably received only a tiny glimpse into the rich and diverse cultures, histories, and contemporary lives of Native peoples. You may even have learned inaccurate histories, and demeaning and false stereotypes.

Join us for a symposium in which expert speakers explore the need and how to transform this narrative and inspire a more comprehensive vision of American history and a richer understanding of our shared experience as a nation. Learn more about the museum’s national education initiative, Native Knowledge 360°. The museum and its partners among Native nations and in the education community are producing a wealth of information and materials to demonstrate that American history cannot be understood without understanding American Indian events—and to show that by engaging in more complete histories we can build an empathetic and better informed citizenry.

Program (all times EDT)

2pm Welcome
Kevin Gover, director, and Maria Marable-Bunch, associate director for Museum Learning and Programs, National Museum of the American Indian

2:15pm The Power of Narrative to Change Education and Society
Maria Elena Campisteguy, Metropolitan Group

2:45pm Racism Old & New: The Uncomfortable Relationship between Textbooks and American Indians
Edwin Schupman, National Museum of the American Indian

3:15pm Manifesting Destiny: Representations of Native Peoples and Nations in U.S. History and Civics State-Level Standards
Sarah Shear, Penn State Altoona

3:45pm Reclaiming Native Truths: How the Psychology of Omission Fuels the Cycle of Bias against Native Americans
Stephanie Fryberg, University of Washington

4:30pm Native Knowledge 360°: A New Approach to Education about American Indians  
Edwin Schupman

4:50pm Discussion with the Speakers
Maria Elena Campisteguy, moderator


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