Time to Give Thanks

turkeyPublished November 26, 2015

Most American Indians I know have a different spin on Thanksgiving than their non-Native counterparts. We know the glorified version of the first Thanksgiving is constructed history that works into American patriotism that is needed so that our nation’s young people can be enticed to go fight wars to protect democracy.

For if the truth be told, how could we ask our youth to go die to defend a history filled with genocide against the first inhabitants of this continent? Therefore, the real truth American history will never be part of the curricular of the public education system.

Even with our view of our long and sad history, today—called Thanksgiving—allows us to pause to give thanks for all of our blessings. Giving thanks is a part of the Judeo-Christian belief system and the traditional teachings of our ancestors as American Indians.

It is always fitting to give thanks to our Creator, who provides us with many blessings. If you are alive, you can thank the Creator. If you have food to eat, you can thank the Creator. If you have a family, you can thank the Creator.

Holidays often are a time of reflection.

This morning I remember Thanksgiving celebrations I enjoyed with my Potawatomi grandparents and extended family as I was being raised. There is something about my grandmother’s Thanksgiving turkeys and fixings and apple pies that are irreplaceable in my memory. I am thankful for those memories.

Beyond the delicious Thanksgiving meals around my family’s dinner table, I remember the sheer nurturing love provided by my family, which is even more irreplaceable in my memory. My grandparents’ home was filled to capacity with family filled with laughter as we teased each other, as American Indians love to do.

Let your Thanksgiving 2015 be a time express thanks and make new memories so that your offspring will cherish them way into the future.

Happy Thanksgiving from Native News Online.

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