Three Online Casino Games that Have Caught Our Attention

Published March 15, 2019

If, like us, you are always on the lookout for new and fun online casino games then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at some of the fun and exciting online casino games that have caught our attention. Whether you are looking for cutting edge VR gaming, or just a new take on an old classic, it is all covered here.

Live Blackjack

Maybe the biggest development making waves in the world of online casinos in 2019 is the rise of live card games. This means playing against a real dealer, live, but from the comfort of your own home. In particular, live blackjack (or twenty one as it is sometimes called) is really good. It is much more fun to play against a real dealer, as it adds that extra human angle to the game.

This is improved by the fact that casinos like Casumo (click here to visit the website) now offer live video of the dealer, giving you the drama of the casino delivered right to your computer or tablet screen.

Some online casinos also include webcam streams of other players too to complete the immersive experience. This can make the game social, but also adds an extra competitive edge! So, if you do fancy yourself as a bit of a card shark, this really is the way to play card games online.

Live Roulette

Continuing the theme of live casino action, live roulette is something that we just can’t get enough of. Putting you right at the heart of the action, live roulette gives you video feeds of the roulette wheel and croupier. This adds to the excitement, as you watch the ball spin and slow, getting tantalisingly closer and closer to your number… This really is as good as the real thing, and you do not have to leave the comfort of your couch!

This is a highly competitive field, with casinos really trying to outdo one another here, so there are always extra features being added into the world of Live Roulette. In particular, the addition of extra camera angles and more live editing from some casinos is great, as it begins to give the feel of those great roulette scenes in classic Vegas movies. This really lends a little extra glamor and excitement to the game, leaving you feeling like James Bond when our number comes up.

VR Casinos

Although VR technology is still somewhat in its infancy, there have been some early adopters that have brought the world of online casino gaming into virtual reality. While some casinos now offer some VR games, sites like Slot Millions have gone the extra mile and built a complete virtual casino through which you navigate. This makes for a completely immersive experience that feels like you are right there in the casino. We can expect this trend to continue, with more casino sites going full VR as the technology becomes more widely available.

Beyond the navigation of the casino, this also makes for virtual slot machines and also many classic online casino favorites that have been adapted to suite a VR format. When you game online using VR, you really feel closer than ever to action, which adds to both the excitement and the enjoyment of gambling.


The world of online gambling moves fast, with constant competition for players. This is great news when you are looking for a an exciting way to play, because there is always a new game just around the corner. Good luck and happy gambling!

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