Bodies of Three Missing Men Discovered Near Oglala on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Recovery units on scene where bodies were discovered Monday night.

Recovery units on scene where bodies were discovered Monday night.

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Published May 24, 2016

PINE RIDGE INDIAN RESERVATION – Various law enforcement agencies are on the scene where the car bearing the remains of the three men who went missing 16 days ago was discovered just before dark Monday, May 23, 2016, about two miles from Oglala on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.


Juan Lamont             Tevin Tyon               Tyrell Wilson

The bodies of Juan Lamont, 24, Tevin Tyon, 21, and Tyrell Wilson, 23, were discovered in the car that was some 75 feet below an unpaved road near a ravine with the White River running through the area. The vehicle was found upside down near the river.

thumbnail_20160523_222617An eyewitness on the scene said it would have been difficult to see the dropoff where the car went over the cliff because of plant growth there.

The three men went missing went missing from Pine Ridge Village. One of the men told his mother they were going to “cruise the rez.”

Earlier news reports indicated they may have been in the vicinity of the Priarie Wind Casino. Their wrecked vehicle discovered about 12 miles from the casino.

This is a developing story. Native News Online will update when more information becomes available.





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