Thousands of American Indians and Allies in D.C. to Protest Dakota Access Pipeline

Tipis have been erected near the Washington Monument on the National Mall. Native News Online photo by Mark Charles

Published March 10, 2017

WASHINGTON – Busloads of American Indians from different parts of Indian Country are in the nation’s capital today to march and rally against the Dakota Access pipeline. They are bringing the message tens of thousands made at Standing Rock during the past year: Mini Wiconi – Water is Life.

The march on Washington is hosted by Native Nations Rise and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Busloads of American Indians have come from Chicago, New York, Minnesota and other parts of Indian Country.

“They want us to believe the fight is over – but we can still win this. We can unite in peaceful, prayerful resistance against this illegal pipeline,” said Chairman Dave Archambault II of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. “Now, we are calling on all our Native relatives and allies to rise with us. We must march against injustice – Native nations cannot continue to be pushed aside to benefit corporate interests and government whim.”


The march will start at the Army Corps of Engineers Office, 441 G St NW, Washington, D.C, 20314 and culminate in a rally at Lafayette Square.


The Native Nations Rise March on Washington is proof that the Standing Rock movement is bigger than one tribe. It has evolved into a powerful global phenomenon highlighting the necessity to respect Indigenous Nations and their right to protect their homelands, environment and future generations.

Among the speakers at today’s events will be Chairman Dave Archambault II, MN Rep. Peggy Flanagan, Taboo, and many more speakers and performers.

Singers at Washington Monument on National Mall Thursday night. Native News Online by Levi Rickert


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