The Wall Forces a Partial Federal Government Shutdown

National parks and monuments are closed.

Published December 22, 2018

WASHINGTON — With a defiant president in the White House insisting on a wall at the southern border that most of Americans do not want and deem unnecessary, the federal government is under a partial shutdown for the third time in two years.  The Congress and the president could not come to a compromise on the wall on Friday.

With no budget in place, the federal government officially ran out of money at 11:59 p.m. Friday night. Hundreds of federal employees are faced with the prospect of being forloughed.

“President Trump, you will not get your wall,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Friday. “You’re not getting your wall today, next week or on Jan. 3 when Democrats take control of the House.”

With each side not willing to budge, the partial shutdown may last into next year as the 115th Congress transitions into the 116th Congress with the House of Representatives will be controlled by the Democrats, who gaine 40 seats in November’s general election.

The Senate will reconvene if and when a settlement is reached. Senate leaders on Friday agreed the Senate will only vote on the budget when a deal has been reached.

Senators were told they could go home to their respective states and were assured they would be given a 24-hour notice to come back to Washington for a vote.

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