The Last Stand Mixtape: A Celebration of Indigeneity, Love, Strength and Resiliency


Published November 27, 2015

“Remember the first time you heard a song, verse, line, beat, or poem that helped you make sense of your world? Remember how it spoke to whatever you were going through at the time?”

For the artists featured on The Last Stand Mixtape, it was these moments that inspired and fortified their belief that music, art, and poetry had the power to impact and empower lives.

“As people who have found art as our medium of expression we know firsthand the power that creativity holds by building something out of nothing, creating something tangible that moves those around us to feel, relate, and empathize,” said Tanaya Winder, director of the mixtape and spoken word poet from the Southern Ute, Duckwater Shoshone, and Pyramid Lake Paiute Nations. “Our youth need examples of expression from people who have walked the talk by practicing their art.”

And this is exactly what The Last Stand Mixtape delivers.


Featuring over twenty of Indian Country’s talented R&B, Hip Hop and Spoken Word artists, every track speaks directly to our Native youth and acknowledges their sacredness and the struggles they face. Each artist sharing their truths and experiences to remind our youth that there is nothing we cannot overcome.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Gang Violence, Domestic Violence. Sexual Violence. Environmental Violence. Police Brutality. Mental Illness. School to Prison Pipelines. Stereotypes. Poverty. Racism. Suicide. The list of issues that impact the lives of our Native Youth are endless, but as spoken word artist, Rowie Shebala shares in her poem,Indian Phoenix:

“We Rise From These Ashes, Just Like Any Phoenix.”

As I was listening to The Last Stand Mixtape, I got to thinking about the work that these artists do for our youth and communities and a quote that I ran across that said “Be the person you needed when you were younger”. This is who these talented artists have chosen to be for our youth and I couldn’t be more proud or thankful. The Last Stand Mixtape is a reflection of the love and hope that they have for Native youth and it is a celebration of our indigeneity, love, strength, and resiliency. So, listen and download it now.

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Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in A Tribe Called Geek. Used with permission. All rights reserved.


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