The Guardian Princess Alliance to Trump: Hands Off Our Planet

Special for Earth Day 2018

Published April 22, 2018

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA — The Guardian Princess Alliance is an educational nonprofit organization, a division of S.T.R.O.N.G. Edutainment (Stories That Root Our Next Generation). The Guardian Princess is ,a student organization based at the University of California Riverside.

The organization’s mission is to create empowering stories that promote environmentalism and unity across races in order to create better role models for future generations. Their books showcase princesses as brave leaders who take action and unite their people in the face of injustice. Whether these heroines are taking care of the people or saving the environment from corporate greed, they are inspiring models of change.

In the face of the Trump regime, the Guardian Princesses are taking a stand to protect all people and protect the planet. These princesses defy the typical narrative and encourage people to unite against villains and predatory corporations who are destroying our planet for greed.

Each Guardian Princess is responsible for protecting a part of our shared ecosystem such as the land, the sea, the plants, the sky, and more. The first three books in the series introduce Princess Terra, Mariana, and Vinnea, whose stories serve to raise awareness about land rights, the garbage island in the Pacific, and food sovereignty respectively. The fourth installment features Princess Ten Ten, a gender non-conforming princess who tackles the threat of air pollution and bullying. Princess Leilani, our full-figured princess, addresses themes of loss and healing both physically and mentally. The Guardian Princesses all overcome obstacles with the help of their community, proving that together, we can create the change we want to see. They show children and adults that we can all take action to protect the people and the planet.

The Guardian Princess Alliance engage in local community outreach events and literacy workshops. They are also in the process of developing musical theatrical productions of their book series, starting with Princess Ten Ten and the Dark Skies. The showcase will take place on May 25 – May 26, 2018 at University of California, Riverside. For more info:


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