Southwest Consortium of Indian Head Start Programs to Host 34th Annual Native American and Family Conference

hotel albuquerqueConference hosted by Southwest Consortium of Indian Head Start Programs Inc. 

WINDOW ROCK, ARIZONA — Assistant Superintendent Sharon H. Singer is pleased to announce the 34th Annual Native American and Family Conference scheduled March 15-19 in Albuquerque, N.M. The conference is a four-day professional development and enrichment training for tribal early childhood development programs.Singer serves as the chairperson of the board of directors for the Southwest Consortium of Indian Head Start Programs Inc., host of the conference.The focus and goal of the conference is to help strengthen and improve quality programming with tribally-operated Head Start programs across the country. The conference provides the perfect platform for Head Start programs to discuss mutual concerns, establish and maintain contact with one another, encourage a network of regional tribal Head Start programs and serve as a resource to Head Start directors.

Singer explained the tribal consultation portion of the conference will be especially beneficial for those who attend because many of these programs face similar issues.

“The conference will attract attendees from throughout the country,” said Singer. “We are able to discuss challenges, program development, curriculum, program improvements and ideas in a tribal consultation format. It’s a great venue.”

The agenda for the conferences entails a plethora of events and workshops aimed at improving the quality of the various head start and early head start programs that attend the conference.

The entire conference is centered on three main objectives.

The first objective is to provide workshops to build the knowledge and skills of head start and early head start staff. The second objective is to increase the knowledge of head start and early head start management. And the third objective is to foster an environment for learning where head start leaders can also gain information and knowledge from other head start programs.

All of the workshops and strategies used at the conference are devised to help those who work within head start improve services to children.

Workshops range from information on child mental health, different strategies in dealing with difficult children and even workshops dedicated to basket weaving.

Navajo Head Start (NHS) will be in full attendance at this year’s conference. This will be a very important learning experience for NHS as they are currently on an upswing and will only improve from the knowledge gained at this event.

“This is the perfect opportunity for Navajo Head Start to learn how to provide better services to the children and families we serve, and to gain information from other head starts to help improve our own program,” Singer said.

To learn more about the Native American and Family Conference, visit

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