SNL’s Tina Fey Mentions Standing Rock in Sheet Cake Skit

Published August 19, 2017

NEW YORK – The Standing Rock resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline received a mention during the “Saturday Night Live” program Thursday night on NBC. The call-out came during a Tina Fey “Weekend Update: Summer Edition” skit.

Fey, a University of Virginia alum, decried the violence in Charlottesville last weekend.

Wearing a University of Virginia sweatshirt, Fey offered an alternative to arguing with neo-Nazis.  She suggested those frustrated and not knowing what to do should go to a Jewish bakery or an African American run bakery and order a sheetcake with an American flag on it. She began eating a sheetcake.

With the cake in her mouth she said:

“When you see a bunch of white boys in polo shirts screaming about taking our country back and want to scream that ‘it’s not our country, we stole it … from the Native Americans and when they have a peaceful protest at Standing Rock, we shoot at them with rubber bullets, but we let you chinless turds march through the streets with semi-automatic weapons’, when you want to yell that … don’t yell it at the Klan, Colin, yell it into the cake,” she said.

She begans this statement at about 3:15 into the video:

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