Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Advances Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Nominee Tara Sweeney to Full Senate

Tara Mac Lean Sweeney

Published June 6, 2018

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven (R-N.D.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, today announced the committee voted to report favorably the nomination of Tara Mac Lean Sweeney, of Alaska, to serve as the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs at the Department of the Interior. Ms. Sweeney may now be considered by the full Senate for confirmation.

Senator Tom Udall, vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, joined Committee Chairman John Hoeven (R-N.D.) in leading a business meeting to consider the nomination of Tara Sweeney.

In his opening statement Udall emphasized the significance of this nomination and underscored the commitment Sweeney made at her confirmation hearing last month to educate and advocate for Indian Country within the current administration. He said, “Ms. Sweeney’s nomination comes at an important time with an administration repeatedly calling into question the unique status of Indian tribes under federal law, whether by design or by mistake.”

“The Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs provides critical support to the Secretary of the Interior in carrying out the federal government’s trust responsibility and government-to-government relationship with Indian tribes,” said Hoeven. “Ms. Sweeney is a capable, proven leader and a powerful advocate for Native American self-determination and tribal sovereignty. Her extensive experience in business and policy development will serve her well in this complex role. Our committee is working to help

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