Seminole Edwin Garcia, Steve Osceola and Mitchell Cypress of Big Cypress Went the Extra Mile for Longest Walk 5


Edwin Garcia

Published June 7, 2016

BIG CYPRESS RESERVATION, FLORIDA – The Longest Walk 5 – War on Drugs and Domestic Violence was in south Florida, when the Seminole Tribe of Big Cypress extended a warm welcome with activities for the longest walkers.

A special effort was made by Edwin Garcia of the Panther Clan. Edwin and his wife, Sherri Jumper and daughter Katrina,  made pumpkin fry bread for the long walkers and delivered the bread for lunch.  Edwin became a walker when he walked 5 miles through town beside the Longest Walk 5 team. He stood up for them when he saw they were not being treated correctly because he knew it was the right thing to do.

Donald Banks

Donald Banks holding the pumpkin fry bread

Tropical storm Colin, was to make landfall in South Florida yet the Longest Walk 5 was going to spend the nights outside in tents. Edwin rallied to help the walkers, he went to the tribal council meeting to get accomodations so the long walkers would be out of harms’ way. The council agreed with him and gave them a building to allow the Longest Walk 5 walkers a safe place to sleep for the night.

The whole Seminole tribe made the walkers feel at home. A few stood out, however, Steve Osceola took time out to take Ray St. Clair, Nathan Thunderhart and Larry Bringing Good to a Miami Marlins baseball  game.

Steve Osceola and Mitchell Cypress along with other Seminoles proudly led the walk  through the reservation.


Steve Osceola and Ray St. Clair

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