Safe Mac Cleaner – MacFly Pro Review

Published November 25, 2017

Mac computers are considered premium devices for a reason: top grade performance, all metal body, polished software – Macs check all the boxes. It’s no wonder, that most Mac users are looking for best options to keep their Mac safe, clean and secured. Finding the right app takes time, patience, and dedication.

Luckily, there is an application that has it all in one package and takes Mac cleaning to the next level of ‘easy’. The app’s called MacFly Pro and it provides all you’ve ever wanted in a Mac cleaning utility.

Smart Assistant

When first starting up MacFly Pro, you are welcomed by a Smart Assistant home screen. What sets MacFly Pro apart from the competition right away, is that it doesn’t just start scanning. It lets you click around and have a quick look at the app, before you choose to run your first Mac scan. Have control over the way app performs on your computer never hurts, it feels quite nice to have.

After your first scan is completed, you will be able to either hit the ‘Clean Now’ button right on the Smart Assistant screen, to clean out everything right away or manually select what to clean from other tabs. In addition, Smart Assistant will then do background scanning on its own, showing you cleaning reminders based on scan results. In other words, with Smart Assistant active, your will never have to worry about how to free up startup disk space. And again, props to MacFly Pro for giving users this amazing blend of control and automation.


Cleanup tab houses everything that is required to clean your Mac: Systems, Leftovers and Memory. ‘System’ cleans log files, caches, languages, and unneeded localizations. ‘Leftovers’ sweeps left behind files and data from the apps that have previously been deleted from the Mac. ‘Memory’ feature helps free up RAM when your computer start acting up on you.

Tools Kit

As the name suggests, you will find additional tools and utilities that make managing storage a total breeze. Find large files that take a bunch of space, locate duplicates, and remove unwanted apps in bulk – you’ve got it all in the Tools.

If MacFly Pro is not proving to be a contender for your Mac’s cleanup option then what will. You can download MacFly Pro for free to enjoy a 7-day trial and see for yourself what makes MacFly Pro such a great choice for keeping any Mac clean.



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