Run4Salmon Fundraiser Held to Raise Funds for September Event

Published June 5, 2018

CHICO, Calif. — Getting ready for the third annual Run4Salmon involves raising funds so that participants have what is needed to pull off a successful event. With that in mind, organizers of the Run4Salmon held a fundraiser in Chico, California on Saturday, June 2, 2018. It was a 50 person fundraiser with music, food, a silent auction and a chance to silk screen a Run4Salmon shirt or patch.

Run4Salmon is in its third year of a four-year prayer journey from the mouth of the Sacramento River to the upper watershed of the McCloud River to call salmon home. The event is sponsored by the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, led by Chief Caleen Sisk.

This year’s Run4Salmon will take place from September 15 – September 30, 2018.

Chief Caleen Sisk of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe.

At the Fundraiser, Chief Sisk made this statement:

”We are hoping people will come out for our Run4Salmon which will start September 15 through September 30th, We will start in Vallejo, California beginning with a ceremony at Sogorea Te. Everybody is invited to come and be a part of it. From there, we will walk.

The salmon we call ‘nur’; they are the ones who will run (swim) from the ocean after being out there for three or four years, back up to the high mountain back to Mt. Shasta. We are asking the people to follow them to follow that run, so we are getting in touch with our relatives like that. We are going to do the best we can to get people involved more so.

We start off with a walk and then we have a boat ride from Martinez to Sacramento. Then, we will have some concerts and an action for the salmon. Then, we do a boat ride to Calusa and from Calusa we will do some bike riding into Chico and Chico to Woodson bridge on bikes again. From Woodson bridge there will be runners to the village up by Lake Shasta. From there this year we are not having horses but I think we are having mountain bikes go around the mountain. Of course, the paddlers will go up the McCloud River. We will have a big ceremony on September 30th on the river; so, hopefully peole who cant go on the journey will come up for that.




Desirae Harp singing to thank the salmon, and to remind us that– Water is Life!

The McCloud River comes off of Mt Shasta so once the salmon get that far, they are going to swim as high on that mountain as they can. That is the difference between these salmon and the salmon that is in the hatchery. The McCloud River salmon, they have to climb a mountain, they cant be valley fish.”

Pictures and video by Norm Sands



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