Roseanne Supernault (Métis Cree) Having Biggest Year Yet

Roseanne Supernault

Roseanne Supernault

Published October 22, 2016

TORONTO — Actress, writer and producer Roseanne Supernault (Métis of Cree) marks 2016 as her biggest year yet with a list of highly anticipated projects. First up is award winning feature film “The Northlander” is set to make its Ontario premiere at the 2016 ImagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival on October 23, 2016 in Toronto.

“The Northlander” is an Aboriginal action-fantasy film set in the year 2924 following a hunter named Cygnus who is sent on a journey across the desert valley to defend against a band of heretics threatening to slaughter his tribe. After saving a young boy, Cygnus is sent by the matriarch Nova on a search for an answer of survival. He finds an ally in the lone huntress Mari, played by Supernault, and together find a crypt to learn the distant human past together. Featuring a strong Indigenous cast, “The Northlander” was recently selected at the prestigious 69th Cannes Film Festival for the Perspectives Canada program and was the first feature ever selected from the micro-budget program with Telefilm Canada. The film made its world premiere at the 40th Montreal World Film Festival and was also nominated for seven Alberta Motion Pictures Awards. The Northlander is set to be commercially released across Landmark Cinemas in Canada this Fall 2016.

Up next is “Neither Wolf Nor Dog,” a movie adaptation of author Kent Nerburn’s award winning Native American novel directed by Steven Lewis Simpson. The film recently made its world premiere at the 2016 Edinburgh International Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. “Neither Wolf Nor Dog” tells the story of a white author who is sucked into a road trip, through the contemporary Native American landscape, by a Lakota elder and his side-kick. They force him to strip back his preconceptions, and educate him in their ways, encouraging him to see their world with its wonder and its pain, without falling prey to white man’s guilt-ridden clichés of glorifying an indigenous race. Supernault challenges herself in this role by playing twins Wenonah, a no-nonsense Lakota Woman who carries responsibility and Danelle, a free spirited romantic. Both women are integral in shifting the path of those around them with the one thing they have in common – an immense love for their Grandfather. “Neither Wolf Nor Dog” made its North American debut at the 2016 San Diego Film Festival on October 1, 2016.

Supernault also stars in the Gemini Award-winning drama series “Blackstone” about the fictional Blackstone First Nation, suffering disintegration as a result of the corruption of its chief and council. Intense, compelling and confrontational, the show is an unmuted exploration of First Nations’ power and politics unfolding over one-hour episodes. While the dramatization can be dark and all too real, Blackstone is foremost a story of hope and reconciliation in its portrayal of Native people fighting for a better life in their community. Supernault stars as Natalie Stoney, who after committing suicide, turns into a ghost who haunts her mother from the spirit world with the sole intent of pulling her into sobriety, even if it requires force. The show airs on CBC, APTN and Showcase and was recently made available on Netflix.


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