Robinson Rancheria Supports Firefighters Saving the Pomo Land of Lake County from Devastating Fire





Published September 17, 2015

NICE, CALIFORNIA – Robinson Rancheria has opened its doors of the hotel and restaurant to Pacific Gas & Electric and the firefighters who are working tirelessly on the Valley Fire that has ravaged northern California.

Disrupting the lives of several bands of Pomo in northern California,.Fires that began last weekend have spread around Clear Lake, some two hours from Sacramento.

Somehow the fire missed the reservations allowing the Pomo people to help the firefighters who are saving lives.

“The people around here were really kind, in a time when their homes were in danger, they showed us love, fed us and prayed for us and we appreciate it,” said volunteer, James Lucas from Salem, Oregon, who is one of hundreds of volunteers who have come to assist with the fire containment and to assist those negatively impacted by the fires.

“We are animal rescue and we were called in by the office of emergency services, to come and help. To gather up the animals that were injured and shelter, feed and place them. We are doing anything that is necesarry to keep them (the animals) going,” stated Scot Wagner of the North Valley Disaster Group, out of Chico, California.

People displaced by the fire are helping each other and they have a strong Spirit that is displayed by Doris D’Argenzio who has her own and others saved belongings tied to her car.


Strong Spirirt, Doris D’Argenzio in Robinson Rancheria entrance

The  fire consumed everything in it’s wake

More news about Valley Fire coming soon…


Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Norman “Wounded Knee” DeOcampo.

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