Rethinking Oil: Red Lake Tribal Council Votes to Rescind Deal with Enbridge Energy

Published January 16, 2018

RED LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION – Even the though the Red Lake Tribe approved a deal in 2015, which called for Enbridge Energy to pay $18.5 million for less than a half acre of land to run pipelines on its tribal land, last week the Red Lake Tribal Council voted to rescind the deal.

Currently, Enbridge has four pipelines that cross the land, but the tribe never gave Enbridge its permission for the pipelines.

The Red Lake Tribal Council voted 5-3 to rescind a deal to sell Enbridge Energy reservation land where oil pipelines cross, some 16 miles south of the main part of the Red Lake Indian Reservation.


“We gotta protect our reservation, our sovereignty, protect our people, our lands and our water and all of that,” says Red Lake Tribal Chairman Darrel Seki. who supports the decision.




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