Red Lake Tribe Issues “Urgent Public Health Notice”

Published December 22, 2017

RED LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION – The Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians has issued an “Urgent Public Health Notice” because of the high number of overdoses taking place on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, based in northern Minnesota.

The following notice was posted on the Red Lake Tribe’s Facebook page on Tuesday:

Red Lake Reservation Overdose “Urgent Public Health Notice”

Tuesday December 19, 2017 –  In the past 24 hours the Department responded to a call with an overdose that occurred on the Red Lake Reservation. As the number of heroin over doses could potentially increase, The Department will continue to work to combat the issue along with other surrounding agencies.

In this case the person was dumped off at the Red Lake Indian Hospital by friends in the Emergency Department lot. This is a cause for concern as bystanders should remain with the Patient until EMS responds to ensure that Life-Saving treatment is available, also to help Law Enforcement with questions.

The Department along with other agencies are supplied with Naloxone Nasal reversal agents that are very effective. And when they respond to over doses they will be able to reverse the condition of the person who overdosed. The faster they get the Naloxone dose the better the chances of the person recovering from an overdose.

Keep in mind that surrounding Reservations such as White Earth responded to (7) calls within the past 48 hours with (2) resulting in deaths.

The Department would like to encourage Heroin users as well as other substance abusers to seek help or treatment through the Red Lake Chemical Health Program. The Red Lake Tribe just recently has implemented a Medicated Assisted Treatment program and is now taking on new patients. This program helps patients to start their recovery journey in a supportive environment.

The Department also encourages the Citizens of the Red Lake Reservation to come forward and provide information so that we may put a stop to drugs being circulated.

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