Rapid City Police Looking for Vandals Who Sprayed “SAVAGE” on Nine Cars

Police-lights2Police maintain there is no reason to believe the vandalism was race-related

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA– Police in Rapid City, South Dakota looking for vandals who sprayed painted the word “savage” on at cars, two construction sighns and a concrete bench in neighborhood late Wednesday or early Thursday.

Police took two separate incident reports that bore out similiarities. Someone or a group used orange spray paint to write the word “savage.” One report was made for four cars in a parking lot in the 100 block of East Kansas City Street were vandalized with the same spray painted message. In the other report made Thursday, police indicated five vehicles on East Signal Drive were spray painted with orange paint with the word “savage” on them.

The Kansas City Street neighborhood is home to offices and apartments and home to a fraternity house.

Rapid City Police spokesperson Brendyn Medina said law enforcement has no reason to believe the spray painting vandalism was race-related.

“It’s unclear right now what the motivation is,” Medina said. “It doesn’t appear there’s much relation between the victims of the crime. It just looks like this guy wanted to target this neighborhood and hit every car he could. It doesn’t seem right now like the vandal was aware of the race of the victims.”

Medina said further perhaps the person who did the spray painting used the word savage as a callin-card.

The Rapid City Police ask anyone with information about the vandalism to call 605- 394-4134, or send an anonymous text to “RCPD” at 847411.




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