Rapid City Police Chief “Legitimately Concerned” about Native Community in Wake of Lakota Man Killed by Baseball Bat


Published September 27, 2015

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKTOA — During the past three years, there have been 14 murders in Rapid City, South Dakota. So far in 2015, there have been six homicides. All, but one, of the homcide victims have been American Indian.

The latest occurred shortly after 9:00 p.m., Wednesday, September 23, 2015. The victim was identified as Charles Quiver, 49, who is also known by his nickname, “Misun.” It was apparent Quiver had been the victim of a violent assault involving a baseball bat.

A medical unit arrived on scene and transported Quiver to Rapid City Regional Hospital, where he died of his injuries. Witnesses describe the suspects as two males, at least one armed with a baseball bat.

“2015 is on track to see more homicides in a single year than we have had during my 20 years with the department,” said Rapid City Chief of Police Karl Jegeris.

“This is a clear example of disproportionate minority victimization, and I’m legitimately concerned for our Native American Community. I’m calling on local community leaders to come together to address the ongoing problem of disproportionate minority victimization within our community. This senseless violence has to stop.”

“Unfortunately we have people out in the evening hours that have bats or knives or sometimes even guns and there, something needs to change. What we need is the community to come together and send a clear signal that this violent behavior will not be tolerated anymore,” continued Jegeris.

Witnesses were not able the race or ethnicity of the two men who attacked Quiver.

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