Project Manager to Scrum Master – The Path to Transition

Published October 31, 2018

A Scrum Master can be defined as the lifeline of any underlying project. The major functioning of a Scrum Master remains to prevent any kind of roadblocks that might appear while the functioning of the project and to facilitate all the underlying process important in the smooth growth of the project. A certified course will help you acquire the knowledge and the skill set that is required in the functioning of a profession as a Scrum Master in the practical field. A properly informed CSM Certification Training will help you grow as a professional yourself and provide you with the ability to control the projects with greater efficiency and churn out better results under the stipulated timeline. But the question that arises with the above-mentioned explanation is that what is the difference between a project manager and a Scrum Master? Let us discuss in detail.

What is the difference between a Scrum Master and a Project Manager?

Most of the people think of these two professions to be the same job role. However, to understand it better, let us discuss the transition from Project Manager to Scrum Master:

* The most important aspect of being a Scrum Master is to reveal the certain underlying values from the execution of the Scrum framework, handling a collaborative, efficiently working, and organized team along with spending time and energy to help out the team’s growth.

* The experience from these Scrum Masters helps the teams to see through the complex processes of the project in a simpler way to proceed towards the finish line step by step with their experienced guidance.

* Being a Scrum Master, you might not be accountable to procure the process reports by yourself but you must be capable of enabling your team to do the same and publish them, unlike a project manager.

* The job of the Scrum Master is to make realize the team members the importance of the progress reports and teach them to create and submit the timely generated reports for further processing and wholesome growth of the team.

* You must also be capable of teaching your team to seek the opportunities and grab them without wasting any time and without any outer guidance. There can be a number of tools that can be acquired to solve the same problem but a simpler and quicker way that needs to be acquired and implied to work. Moreover, being a Scrum Master, you need to acquire the tools for the betterment of the work, not for mere settling for the required practice.

Being a Scrum Master brings along a number of responsibilities that might not be the part of a project management role. However, along with great responsibilities, comes along great opportunities and a lifetime of an experience. Keeping an eye on the current trend, transforming yourself from a project manager to a Scrum Master can actually boost up your career and lure out great opportunities in the near future.

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